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Due to the current bike boom, Landry's Offsite Season Team has limited availability this season. Please contact us when you are ready to discuss or schedule a workplace/community event, and we will advise you on our future availability.

Landry's can help your workplace become a bicycle-friendly business

  • Bicycling improves wellness and productivity, physical and mental health, for both recreation and transportation.
  • Commuting by bike is easy for employees within five miles of work.
  • Bicycling promotes a economical form of transportation and attracts a bike-friendly environment for everyone.
  • Fewer cars means less automobile congestion.
  • Car-parking spaces are limited and expensive compared to bike parking.
  • Every company strives to reduce its environmental footprint.

CONTACT US for how we can help

Workplace Bike Repair Clinics

Bike Repair Clinics — hosted at your workplace or campus

  • Schedule bicycle repair clinics for your workplace/campus community with Landry's Offsite Service team.
  • We provide the mechanic(s), tools, basic repair parts, and professional expertise to keep your community's bike-commuters rolling! 
  • Clinic session includes bike-safety checkup, minor repairs, adjustments, and small parts.
  • Participants will also receive personalized suggestions for additional (more intensive) bike repairs, component upgrades, and general maintenance tips.

Bike Maintenance Workshops

  • 45 to 90 minute instruction with Landry's staff to learn the simple "know how" of your bicycle.
  • Topics address preventing mechanical failure: changing a flat tire, tightening brakes, and keeping the chain and drivetrain clean and functional.
  • Attendees will come away with practical knowledge to help maintain their bicycle.

Bicycling Skills Workshops

  • Our instructional workshops explore the three concepts of bike commuting:  comfort, knowledge, and awareness. 
  • We'll cover the variety of bike types, bike sizing, things to carry, maps and routing, general maintenance, and tips for on-road safety to avoid crashes.
  • Workshops run approximately 45 minutes (good for lunchtime session), with customized options available.
  • Each workshop is catered to employees' riding ability and local riding routes and conditions.
Landry's can help your workplace become a bicycle-friendly business

Landry's Offsite Service
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For more information on our workplace-service programs, contact James Ray, Landry's Business Development Manager: