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You've got to ride one to believe it!

Landry's features a wide range of pedal-assist electric bikes to boost your power, extend your biking limits, and increase your pleasure while riding. With an e-bike, you still pedal as you go — just like any other bike — only it's faster and easier.

Turn up the power when you need it:  Fly up hills. Scoff at the wind. Haul a heavy load. Take the long way home. And do it all without breaking a sweat, thanks to the smooth, exhilarating power of electric assist. It's unbelievably fun … yet undeniably practical! It's like having a jet-pack booster and guaranteed to make you smile.

Easily rechargeable:  Like your smartphone, you just plug it in for a few hours at night or during the work day to recharge, then you're good to go again.

Electric bike for city riding
Electric bike for city riding

Electric-assist bikes feature integrated battery and motor systems as shown on these e-bikes.

Spend more time on two wheels

Pedal-assist electric bikes:  Ride farther with less effort, run errands, grab groceries, and get to work on time without breaking a sweat.

Go Electric at Landry's!

Browse our quality e-bike selection from Specialized, Trek, Electra, and more. Then visit or contact your local Landry's store team to discuss e-bike options and to arrange a test ride.

How do E-Bikes work?

How do e-bikes work?

Electric bikes amplify your own pedal power. Learn more about how they work and how they can make bicycling more possible for more people.

Come try an e-bike for yourself

Visit your local Landry's store for a FREE test ride on a pedal-assist electric bicycle — and get ready to smile! 

Trek Electric Bikes at Landry's

Browse all e-bikes at Landry's

Landry's Services Included with Purchase

Landry's services included with bike purchase

To make sure our customers enjoy their new bikes, we include:

Transport e-bikes in easy style

Most electric bikes weigh more than standard bikes so it’s critical that you have a strong and trustworthy rack to transport your bike safely. Our friends at Saris have created several car racks that are perfect for bringing along your electric bike on all of your adventures.

Saris Car Racks for E-Bikes

Servicing pedal-assist electric bikes

Landry's is your e-bike authority

In addition to carrying e-bikes in a variety of styles from Trek, Specialized, and Electra, our service department is ready to provide the mechanical excellence your e-bike deserves. We are outfitted with the proper tools and diagnostic equipment, and our mechanics are trained and certified in the leading pedal-assist systems on the market. Even if you didn't purchase your e-bike from Landry's, we can service any brand of e-bike equipped with Shimano STEPS, Bosch, or Currie Electro-Drive. Unfortunately, we do not have the equipment or certification to service e-bikes equipped with other systems.

When you bring your e-bike into Landry's store for service, please include the battery, battery key, and charger.

Visit or contact your local Landry's store for assistance.

Electric bike laws + trail access

  • Massachusetts E-Bike Laws (PDF):  Summary document for current electric-bike laws in Massachusetts for road and trail use, produced by PeopleForBikes.
  • Local trail access for electric mountain bikes (NEMBA link):  Guidelines for where electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs) can be ridden off-road in New England. Landry's is honored to sponsor NEMBA's efforts to promote responsible mountain biking and to protect and preserve New England trails and open spaces.